Di Meng's art is influenced by Asian culture and philosophy, as well as Western Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, and contemporary conceptual art. She draws on the Taoist concept of wu wei, her memories of growing up in urban China, and her experiences living in America. Di Meng holds an MFA in interdisciplinary studio practice from the California College of the Arts, and an MA in English from Cal State University.




狄旻的藝術受到東方哲學和文化,西方抽象表現主義,極簡主義,以及當代觀念藝術的影響。 她的創作借鑒於道教的無為, 以及她在中國成長的記憶和在美國生活的體會。狄旻在美国获得英語和藝術雙碩士學位。